PS Voucher is fake


Farhad Salimi and his partner have removed the made up Fouchers code from their website, now they’re selling another made up code called P.S.Vouchers instead, I’ve already explained that this code is not supported by any Bank and has no value, and has been invented by these criminals and the owners of the Russian 1xbet gambling website. Also the fake website is registered by Saeed Ebadati.

Take a look at Saeed Ebadati’s Facebook profile who’s Farhad Moqadam Salimi’s patner, it’s really interesting:

Specially this post:

He’s a believer and won’t stop praying to Imam Hussein, but when it’s about money it doesn’t matter where it’s came from anymore, even if it’s gambling money, harmful to people, laundered money, stolen money, only the money matters now! This is the reason of our sorrow in Iran; people who appear to be more religious that Imam Ali but are are actually gray wolves waiting for an opportunity.

Mohammad Jorjandi

Cybercrime Expert

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