Investigating the fraud team of “Darwin”

An investigation on darwinmig.com fraud team http://archive.is/oJ2ys

This team encourages its victims to buy stocks with minimal profit by promising migration and investment visa.

⭕️ Ponzi scheme has no plaintiff because victims are happily satisfied till the last minute and even defend that business since they’re getting profit (unfortunately payment is the only factor for them to judge the healthiness of business).

Read more about ponzi:


Investigation about the Instagram page of this fraud team:

⭕️ My conversation contacting the fraud team of “Darwin” and their explanation about the process of payment and emphasize that this is a good way for migration.

(Investment visa is a fraud scheme for extorting unaware people.)

Arman Rasouli probably won’t remember but he used to have a domain with darwinmig.com.au address which he changed to the current address, this domain has been registered by someone called Sepehr Dehghani with “Confident Training Services” company name and “ABN 79235334345” number.

This company is registered by Arman Rasouli, who’s sucking his compatriots’ blood since last year.

Notice the account number this fraud team gave me, same as “Confident Training Services” company.

Mohammad Jorjandi

Cybercrime Expert

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