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MCI’s VAS revenue in the 1st 4 months of this year

Let’s take a look at the value-added services’ income of the first mobile telecommunication company of Iran for the first four months of the current solar Hijri year, divided by companies:

MCI’s VAS revenue in the 1st four months of this year was 393,443,780,000 IR tomans (about 33 million dollars). This is somewhat funny, since it’s higher than the total revenue of Comcast in a similar period, with its market covering over 40 states in the US.
Highest income belongs to “Hamrah VAS” with tomans.

Second place goes to the “Beheshti Hub” with 58.532.000.000 tomans of income.

Third place belongs to “TelePromo” (one of those running it is Mahmoud Khordbin, Iranian former soccer player and former coach of “Persepolis” who’d been an employee of “Keshavarzi” bank, but now is retired and directs its volleyball team called “Novin Keshavarz”) with 44.870.000.000 tomans.

4th place belongs to the apps with a direct contract with MCI like “Kamyaban Nokhostin,” “Parham,” “Artatel,” “Rashin,” AVA Tose’eh,” etc. Revenue’s 27.330.000.000 tomans.
5th place goes to “Mobin One Kish” with 23.860.000.000 of income.

6th place goes to “Aval Market” which belongs to Mr. Naser Qadir Kashani (note that this value-added service was only advertised in a TV show called “The Gathering” (Dore Hami) with Mr. Mehran Modiri as its host (Iranian well-known actor and director who was very popular before starting to defraud people for his gain) with tomans of income.

Now, let’s take a look at the apps and services providing MCI with this enormous amount of profit.

Note that evidently, such lucrative services must be pretty well known for Iranian people who pay for them on a daily basis, but if you ever doubted that most people never even heard of these services (except in some TV advertisements perhaps), you can simply ask them (on Reddit for instance, or Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc. There are plenty of ways to do it).

1. “Aval Market” with “Aval Market” service.
2. “Hub Beheshti” with “Boomerang” service.
3. “Hub Beheshti” with “Gam-e-Aval” service.
4. “Hub Beheshti” with “Dastpokht” service.
5. “Mobin One Kish” with “Rasanet” service.
6. “Hub Beheshti” with “Service-e-Aval” service.
7. “Telepromo” with “Nama3” service.
8. “Hamrah VAS” with “Pezeshk” service.

1. “Aval Market”: http://avvalmarket.irwhich belongs to Mr. Naser Qadiri Kashani. This one’s probably the most well-known one for Iranian people , because of its BMW prize advertisements by Mr. Mehran Modiri (former famous TV star and director) on “The Gathering” TV show, aired on the national TV. of course, using the money that supposed to belong to the Iranian people. But that doesn’t really matter since Mr. Qadiri wouldn’t be able to establish this fraudulence, in the first place if a lot of favoritism and a considerable corruption hadn’t taken place.

Just to remind you how fake and fraud they are, about two years ago we found the database of their customers’ information completely open and exposed (on this address: not available anymore). While they weren’t even planning to hire any security technician in their hiring ads.

2. “Hub Beheshti” with “Boomerang” service. This service is distributed using fake app advertisements, like promising to change the background or add some effects to the photos (or other illusory titles like that) while after charging you for their useless services all you get is an app that shows you some short videos on how to learn that skill (by using Photoshop for instance). Honestly, I think it would be much better to directly insult people instead of mocking them like that because what they’re doing eventually results in the annihilation of morality in the society.

3. “Hub Beheshti” with “Gam-e-Aval” service, I’m not sure, but it seems that either the owner of this number has changed or the name of this service along with its company altogether to “Telecup” service from “Parham” company: Sadly enough, most of the owners are graduated from the “Sharif University of Technology,” that used to be the top engineering university in Iran with most of its students fleeing the country shortly after admission or graduation. Perhaps this is what they had in mind when they said they’re going to prevent them from leaving the country, to provide them with vast amounts of fraud money by turning them into white-collar criminals.

4.”Hub Beheshti” with “Dastpokht” service:, which belongs to “Rahnama Kamyaban Nakhostin,” this company has been promoted thanks to a contract the VAS company “Tooska” closed with IRIB to be in control of all the advertisements on the national TV for four years. Since only IRIB is legally allowed to broadcast in the country, “Tooska” also has an absolute monopoly for a TV advertisement.

5. “Mobin One Kish” with “Resanet” service:, also belongs to the “Parham” company, note the similarities between mentioned websites they’re almost identical.

6. “Hub Beheshti” with “Service-e-Aval” service:, also belongs to “Parham” CP.

7. “Telepromo” with “Nama3” service:, also belongs to “Parham” CP.

8. “Hamrah VAS” with “Pezeshk” service which has changed its name to a service called “Roja” belonging to a company called “Tukam Maham Fan.” All I could find for such a valuable service was an app with a bunch of didactic videos about matrimony and women’s health.

Note that this was the income of these companies only on one mobile operator (MCI) and they most likely have an identical revenue from MTI. Soon we’ll publish the list of next ranking companies too like “Pardis Aval Kish’, “Ertebat Cell,” “Dorsa,” “FanUp,” “Saba Cell,” “Media Hamrah,” etc. in a separate article.

Mohammad Jorjandi

Cybercrime Expert

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