Illegal gambling

Iranian Credit Card and Offering Service to the Gambling Network


Further investigation on Shaparak network after a year of working on articles, explanation, interrogation and apprehension by the prosecutors and FATA cyber police.

In this video you can see Iran-bet gambling website has a payment gateway titled “Iranian Credit Card” and address. This company which is called “Kara Qeshm E-commerce” company is a subsidiary of the “Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution”!

These payment gateways; offered by “Parsian E-commerce” company; are placed on a domain which doesn’t even has E-namad trust sign! And normally users can’t access it because of the censorship in Iran so these sweethearts can rest assured that they can’t be observed by us (not even you).

Amir Soleimani the managing director of the “Iranian Credit Card” company, is going to bring MasterCard to this country by gambling money! Surely enough the the “Mostazafan Foundation of Islamic Revolution” would never let go of any kind of money!

Mohammad Jorjandi

Cybercrime Expert

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