Money Laundering

AML Basel and Money Laundering Rank of Iran

⭕️ Basel’s Money laundering indicator is published every year and authorities can ignore it “like they always do!” but what’s gonna happen is even if there’s no sanction out there foreign investors would prefer to burn their money instead of investing it in Iranian market.

⭕️ Some headlines:

Colonel Nowrouzi the head of the center of financial and organized crime of Iranian cyber polis (fata) has said that: more than one trilliard tomans (1021) was the turnover of the cases of gambling we have arrested so far.

Jauary30,2019 the deputy of new technologies of the central bank has said: The ATM activities outside the country will be stopped!

⭕️ This is the current situation of illegal payment gateways that’s been partially discovered by us (it’s been under cyber-attack by an anonymous group for a while)

During the afc Asian cup the electronic payment corporation of Parsian was the full-fledged servant of the gambling network and no one ever tried to trace what’s going on down there!

Right here you can also see Canadian Persian magazine which is full of atm payment advertising.

Mohsen Qaderi was chosen as the lasting Face of banking and payment industry in the country

Engineer Mohsen Qaderi was chosen as one of the four lasting faces of banking and payment industry of the country during the festival of this industry’s lasting face which was held alongside the fourth conference of transferring.

Qaderi who has 30 years of experience in study, research, invent and activity in different fields of banking and electronic payment along with various records and experiences has been the managing director of Shaparak company since 1393 sh.

Asadollah Amirarsalani, Majid Qasemi and Mostafa Elahi were three other faces chosen along with Mohsen Qaderi as lasting faces by our country’s banking and payment activists.

The ceremony of glorification and memorial giving to the lasting faces of the country’s banking and payment industry was held Tuesday at the opening of the fourth exhibition of transfers and with the presence of Hojjat al-Eslam Qulamreza Mesbahi Muqaddam, member of the expediency council and the jurisprudence council of the central bank, Abolhasan Firouzabadi the secretary of the supreme council of the cyber space and some other senior managers of the country’s payment and banking network.

Also at the end of this ceremony stamps were unveiled with the face of these four on them.

⭕️ Mohsen Qaderi the head of shaparak (internet payment) network has been the manager for five years and all this mess has happened under his management and what was his penalty for committing these? That’s right he became the lasting face of the banking of the country!

⭕️ To hell with people and foreign investors and basel as long as we have oil.


Mohammad Jorjandi

Cybercrime Expert

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