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How does Radio Javan transmit illegal black money of gambling to the United States?

Simultaneous with the spread of the Internet in Iran, we are witnessing a significant increase in cybercrime in this country. A combination of Iran’s banking network’s weakness, corrupt managers, mafia, informal networks of exchange offices, and the ineffective struggle of the police and judiciary allow criminals to begin earning millions of dollars by starting illegal and cover businesses and boom money laundering and corruption in that country.

One of the problems that the Iranian people are currently facing is illegal gambling and betting sites. Which are not registered in any country and are not monitored by any institution or organization; the operators of these sites are mainly in Turkey, Britain, and Armenia who are aware of the weak supervision of the banking network and the lack of access to and pursuit of the Iranian judicial police. By launching these sites, they contribute to the cycle of corruption and money laundering in Iran.

These sites are advertised on Instagram, Telegram, and satellite TVs around the clock and receive real money in Rials from their users. Using the Iranian payment network, the payment network of these sites mainly operates with rental accounts or illegal payment gateways. Finally, the money is transferred to the network of exchange offices and primarily to the destination countries in cryptocurrencies. Due to the illegality of the gambling industry in Iran, these sites pave the way for money to leave the country by paying bribes to Iranian bank managers and police. Turkey has been dealing with these network members for some time, and Milad Hatami was arrested in the latest action and returned to Iran.

Radio Javan

Surprisingly, one of the promoters of gambling and money laundering network is an American company called Radio Javan has been operating for several years by broadcasting illegal gambling website advertisements and receiving sponsorship from this network secretively away from US government monitoring apparatus.

Radio Javan Inc is a US registered company with the official number 06536197 and therefore must comply with the specific laws of the US government; But considering the Persian activity of this network, it seems that it has been away from the eyes of the US monitoring apparatus.

Radio Javan has been the advertising arm of this corrupt network for some time, in the latest sample of this type advertising was the blatant clip of Sasi Mankan in collaboration with Radio Javan and the illegal gambling and money laundering website of River Poker.


Radio Javan also promotes Shark Bet‘s illegal gambling and betting website, which is not registered in any country.



Video of the illegal Rial payment gateway of Shark Bet gambling and betting site



In the video below, you can see that Radio Javan Network is promoting the illegal financial network of Parsigram gambling, which is specifically designed to pay for the network of gambling sites and bypass the official payment network of Iran.



But the important question is how this company registered in the United States can transfer money from the illegal gambling and money laundering network from Turkey to the United States in the conditions of sanctions imposed on the Iranian banking network by the United States, and why there is no monitoring of the company’s activities.

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